Saturday, October 3, 2009

End of week 5...

Hello All

I know I hv not been updating this blog religiously becos i am simply too lazy! It has been a gd month, relaxing in Korea and travelling ard Busan sightseeing.

I have been to 4 beaches (Haeundae, Songdo, Songjeong, Gwangali) in Busan, numerous parks and to most of the shopping district here. I have also travelled out of Busan to Yangsan where many old folks would probably like it there. It is quiet, not much of a life there but it is filled with pretty flowers! A good place to relax if u want to get away from civilisation. There is also a theme park there, unfortunately I have not been there. Heard that it is a small theme park so I may not visit there after all as the location isnt too convenient.

I have also been to Ulsan where there is an amethyst cave. Is highly recommended for people to go! For one, this cave will turn extremely cold if the outside temperature is hot and vice versa. Is considered as one of the top few weirdest place in the world. (read it on a website but too lazy to retrieve the link). Other than the 'weird' factors, the cave is pretty scenic inside too!
To get there is probably more complicated than Yangsan as Yangsan City is linked to the Busan City Subway line.
To get to Ulsan, take a train to Nopo-dong, align and go to the bus terminal. Purchase a 3000 won bus tix (1-way) to Eonyang. Eonyang is a place located in Ulsan. From there, grab a taxi to go to the cave because no transport will take u there (too ulu)

As of current, we are loooking for cheap passage to Jeju, if all else fails, there is always nearby cities to go to. Will update more when I have the time and brain cell to do it haha... but i am determined to visit nearby cities like Miryang, Gjeongju and Daegu... honestly trying to prepare myself mentally to go alone if I really cant find like-minded friends to go along with me :)

School Life
It is definitely more relaxed in PNU than SMU. So far, I have had 2 group presentations. Now, I have an individual presentation and an individual assignment to complete. The submission dates are close to the mid-term tests week. Have not been studying, obviously. This is because I dont really know what to study as the profs here seems to go thru definitions only. Family will be coming next wed. So yea, this is probably going to be a busy 2-3 weeks for me!

But I kinda welcome it, as certain periods of the 1st 5 weeks can be agonising when there is no work and u ran out of things to do. I just hate the slack period at times, when u stare at the air, thinking of what to do haha... I mean sometimes playing all the time can only get u thus far :p

Having said that, i aim to work hard n play hard here :D
Work during weekdays n play during weekend
Hope I can keep to my own resolution ^_^ V

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gwangali Beach

Gwangali Beach

One of the famous beaches in Busan. It is smaller than Heundae Beach (although I have yet to visit it). Entrance is free (of course!). You will get to see many old people trying to grab shell food at the sea bed as well as fishing.

You can go to Gwangali Beach by taking the Busan Subway. Drop at Gwangan Station and follow the signboard to the beach. It is about 10 minutes walk away. While we were walking, the place seems deserted. The beach is also as quiet. A perfect place if you want to be alone and enjoy the sea breeze. The Busan Bridge (looks abit like the San Fransisco Bridge) stretches across the beach, completing the beautiful picture. :)


Ajummas cleaning the beach

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Arriving in Busan

I took a 2350 SQ flight from Singapore to Seoul. Touched down at Incheon International Airport before taking AREX to Gimpo airport and took another air plane from Seoul to Busan.

The journey is extremely tiring as I could not get much sleep on the flight. I also have to lug my heavy and bulky baggage from incheon to gimpo. The korean travel tourism board website said it is easy and convenient. Yes i agree, but that is if you don't have much baggage with you. It is a long walk from the airport to the train station and from the train station to gimpo domestic terminal. Not recommended for people with heavy baggage and alone.

Anyway some interesting pictures of the Incheon airport. This is supposedly to be the best airport in the world, and probably the only airport I have seen that fetches passengers from the arrival hall to the custom/baggage collection place. So you have to take the train if u wanna get out of airport... it's the only way out... haha

Train platform that suppose to send people to custom/baggage collection point

AREX train costs about 3200 won to get from incheon and gimpo. It is relatively comfortable, however the speed is really slow, if u were to ask me!

Train Stop Indicator

Arex train
Arex train
Will post more when I get to explore around!
Signing off,
Lady Peach

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leaving for Exchange

I am leaving for my student exchange program in 2 more days!
Will update the blog as soon as I get settled down and take a couple of pretty pictures of Busan :)

Stay tuned, peeps!

Signing off,
Lady Peach

Monday, August 3, 2009

Off-road ATV Trip in KL, Malaysia

Hi Everyone

I know I am suppose to start off my entry with my Korea academic exchange trip as promised. But, since I went to KL with bf and friends prior to my Korea trip, I shall start my 1st blog entry about this KL trip first. :)

This is a 2D1N trip to KL, Malaysia. Main objective of the trip is to ride on the ATV (all-terrain vehicles). We would be driving off-road through the jungle before stopping at a waterfall, after which we will be heading back to the starting point.

Day 1

Woke up at 5:30am. Wash up plus last-minutes packing. Head off to Changi Airport Terminal 1 for our flight to KL.
We took AirAsia. It is my 1st time taking this carrier. I would say that the plane's seat is comfortable enough. It is covered with black leather, seat is smooth to the touch and spacious enough for a baby elephant.

Overall, I would recommend taking plane from Singapore to KL as the price is relatively affordable, with approx S$120 incl taxes etc. It is relatively fuss-free and quick since the flight only takes about 50 minutes.

If you are going in a big group, do go for the hired van that is available at the travelling counter at the airport. It costs around 180 ringgits (or 80 SGD) for one-way trip and can seats up to a maximum of 10 people. Alternatively, you can either hire a car from the same counter or purchase a bus ticket that would take you to KL downtown.

We arrived in Midvalley Cititel Hotel at about noon. We took a quick lunch at a Japanese restaurant before checking into our rooms.

The restaurant name is called Yo Sushi, which apparently have the same owner as the Dome Cafe back in Singapore.

Yo Sushi Review:

Cleanliness: 4.5/5. It is very clean. Thumb up.

Layout: 3.5/5. Not too bad. But it seems that they are trying to squeeze as many tables as possible in the restaurant. Hence, it feels a little cramp when you are sitting in it. Oh ya seats aint adjustable.

Service: 5/5. Fantastic. Waitress is friendly and polite. She even flirts with my male friends, yet the ladies won't feel harassed/disturbed/etc.

Food: 2/5. Well... let's just say I won't eat here again despite great service and cleanliness as the food is slightly less than passable. I would forgo the food if it is not for the fact that I'm starving.

Price: 3/5. Average I guess. But minus 1 mark for the less-than-fantastic food.

Some photos of Yo Sushi

After the lunch and checking in, we moved on to the main attraction of the trip - ATV!!!

Some photos of ATV

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)

Many ATVs parking here! Ready to be driven :P

For more information on the ATV, check out their website here ;)

Review of ATV:
Fun Factor: 4/5. Not bad.
Scare Factor: 3/5. Initially it's pretty scary because the vehicle won't "listen" to your command. But after getting the hold of it, it's fine actually :)
Ruggedness factor: 4.5/5. Choose the jungle trek. It has wonderful views although you have to be careful and strong enough to control the car, lest u bang into the rock wall or worse, fell off the cliff :/
The waterfall is a bonus and an excellent mid-point stop. Not to mention, the water is drinkable and is nice to "bath" urself in. haha
Service: 5/5. Excellent.
After the ATV. there was wash-up session and we proceed to dinner and a midnight movie.
We ate at a Korean Restaurant for dinner

BBQ Charcoal MENU

Review of Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant:
Cleanliness: 5/5. Very clean. But that could be because there isn't much customers for them to clean up after?
Layout: 5/5. Interesting. We were being led to a VIP room where we are seaten in a traditional Korean seatings. See 3rd photo. We get to stick our legs into the "hole".
Service: 3/5. Friendly enough, but food is slow to come.
Food: 4/5. Delicious. Small portions though.
Price: 3.5/5. Very expensive for such small portion of food and slow service.
After dinner, it is movie at Golden Screen Cinema, watching Ice Age 3. :)

Day 2

Shopping whole day in Midvalley Mega Mall since we arrived on the day of KL riot, hence it is inconvenient to travel far. Bought a tee at Mango and a blouse at FOS.
Ate Baskin Robbin ice cream. Yum Yum. Must try!
Ate brunch at i-Dragon, the Dim Sum Restaurant at hotel lobby. We skipped dinner.
In the evening, it's Home Sweet Home :)

Signing off,
Lady Peach

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lady Peach's Introduction

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my personal "Travel and Living" e-journal.

For those of you who chanced upon this blog, let me introduce myself.

I am a Singaporean Chinese female aged 24 this year, currently studying in a university majoring in Information System Management and Marketing. One of my favourite activities is to explore foreign lands and experiencing their cultures.

I have been a very blessed lady indeed as my parents have the opportunity to bring me abroad at least once a year. Although I may not be able to records all of my travel experiences here (due to fading memories or simply becos I was too young then), I would still like to use this platform to share my travelling experiences with everyone in the most objective manners.

Some of the countries that I have been to (as of current):
1) KL, Melacca and Genting, in Malaysia
2) Bali, Indonesia
3) Bangkok, Thailand
4) Taipei, Taiwan
5) Hong Kong
6) Seoul, South Korea
7) Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Wuxi, in China
8) Macau

Middle East
1) Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in UAE
2) Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, in Saudi Arabia

1) Sidney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne, in Australia

North America
1) Los Angeles, San Diego and Hawaii in United States of America

This e-journal would start off with coverage about my academic exchange trip to Busan, South Korea, where I would be travelling and living for 4 months. This will be my first overseas trip that I would be going without family, friends, guided tour groups etc.

Yes, I would be embarking on this trip alone and I would be noting down life in Korea, such as attractions, foods, social life, school life and anything Korean-ish. On top of entries about Korea, I would also record my experiences in other foreign lands.

So do join me on this journey and bookmark my blog. I'll try my best not to disappoint any readers ;)

Signing off,
Lady Peach